1719-2019: celebrations for the foundation of the Free Port of Trieste. In March the port celebrates its 300th anniversary

A varied programme of events throughout 2019 to be organised by the Trieste Port Authority

On 18th March 1719, emperor Charles VI instituted the Free Port of Trieste. A “licence” that was to change the course of history first for the city and the Hapsburg Empire and then for all of the European markets. Over these three centuries, the Julian port has played a key role in trade relations between the Old Continent and the East.  Think of the development of trade following the opening of the Suez Canal, and the very foundation of the city of Trieste, as we know it today, which depended on the decision taken in the XVIII century by Charles V and Maria Theresa to elect the city as the port of the Empire. A port that has attracted the settlement of the most varied and qualified economic enterprises.

Starting on March 18th, the Trieste Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea has in store a series of activities that spanning the year 2019, with a calendar of events that will be publicised over the next few weeks.

In the words of president Zeno D’Agostino: “Such a long and dense stretch of history deserves to be investigated and recounted. The occasion of the 300th anniversary can and must be an opportunity to reflect on the peculiarities and identity of the port and the city itself, of which the port has always been a part and economic driver. The city’s major institutional and economic players will not fail to play a part in this programme”.

The modernity of the economic-political design imagined three centuries ago is not an abstract tribute to the past but a reflection that also holds true for the port of today and tomorrow and for the further development strategies that are currently underway.

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