Guided tour to the Lloyd Tower

01/10 - Photogallery

Trieste Intermodal Day

20/09 - Fotogallery

The Free Port’s 300 year celebrated with an artistic illycaffè cup

20/09 - Press release

The port of Trieste hosts the first “Trieste Intermodal Day-TID”

09/09 - Press release

The performance “A tempest in a seacup”

27/05 - Video and photogallery

Port of Trieste Open Day 2019

22/05 - Photogallery

The port of Trieste hosts Roberto Abbiati’s play “A tempest in a seapot”

19/05 - Press release

5th Open Day for the port of Trieste, reservations sold out in a few days

16/05 - Press release

UE delegation of Mediterranean Corridor Forum visits the port of Trieste

15/05 - Photogallery

“Once upon a time there was a port” workshop – April 4th 2019

05/04 - Photogallery

The port of Trieste hosts the “Designing the port of the future: Horizon 2030” conference

02/04 - Press release

History lessons for the third centenary of the port of Trieste

01/04 - Photogallery

“Once upon a time there was a port”: creative laboratories for schoolchildren

23/03 - Press release

A logotype designed for the 300th anniversary of the proclamation of the Free Port of Trieste

20/03 - Discover the logotype

The port of Trieste signs two memorandums of understanding for developing rail links to East-Central Europe

18/03 - Press release

Trieste and its port in the New York Times


ÖVZ talks about the Port of Trieste


1719-2019: celebrations for the foundation of the Free Port of Trieste. In March the port celebrates its 300th anniversary

10/01 - Press release