The Free Port’s 300 year celebrated with an artistic illycaffè cup

A special, iconic cup recalling the colourful containers that fill the port is illycaffè’s creative tribute to the 300th anniversary of the institution of the Free Port of Trieste. This exclusive series has been issued in a highly limited edition and presented by illycaffé’s art director Carlo Bach to the Italian and international guests who took part in the “Trieste Intermodal Day – TID”, an incubator on future logistics and intermodality in Europe, and an annual event launched yesterday for the first time by the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea at Molo Bersaglieri’s, Magazzino 42.

The illy commemorative coffee cup pays tribute to the port of Trieste, which for three centuries has been and continues to be the city’s economic engine. The cup uses the multi-faceted language of art to celebrate both Trieste’s vocation as a trade hub and one of its most renowned products, coffee. In fact, since 1992 illy has been decorating its cups with works by international artists, over 100 of them so far. The cup celebrating the Free Port’s 300th anniversary was decorated by illy’s own in-house creative team, who gave the saucer a unique elongated shape recalling a ship’s hull, and uses colour to represent logistics and intermodality, the two jewels in the Trieste port’s crown, and the reason why Trieste has been a major trade hub ever since the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

“We are honoured that illycaffè, one of Trieste’s most renowned companies, has decided to issue one of its famous decorated coffee cups to celebrate the port of Trieste on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the Free Port” commented Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Port Network Authority. “To be celebrated with this special item is a source of pride for us, and a concrete sign that for the port to thrive, relations with the city and its entrepreneurial fabric are essential. Much like the colourful containers depicted on the coffee cups, the TID that just ended was a source of inspiration and creativity, both of which are necessary to extend ideas and inspiration to an ever-growing hinterland that is local, national, European, and global in nature” concluded D’Agostino.

Arising out of the Authority’s desire to stage an event that could bring to Trieste all of the main players on the international logistics scene, TID is inspired by the famous TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference format from the United States, which stresses interaction with the audience and encourages “cross-contamination”. At TID, scientific and technological aspects, business models, information technology, artificial intelligence, and philosophy “cross-contaminate” the conference’s vision of the logistics and intermodality of the future. About 300 guests, including CEOs, presidents, and other senior executives from Italian and international businesses attended yesterday’s English-language event, where they enjoyed wide-ranging discussions on the future of logistics and connectivity, set to the music of the European Spirit of Youth Orchestra – ESYO, featuring talented young musicians from throughout Europe.

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