The port of Trieste hosts the “Designing the port of the future: Horizon 2030” conference

Ports and the future: maritime traffic flow projections, the development of transport and logistics, the use of renewable energy, and the new frontiers of technological innovation. These are just a few of the many global and local issues that will be discussed on Thursday, April 4 at Trieste’s Pier IV starting at 9 a.m. on the occasion of “Designing the port of the future: Horizon 2030”, the mid-term conference of the “DocksTheFuture” European project.

This event – promoted by Circle and the “Magellan – EU Affairs Consultancy” Portuguese association in collaboration with the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – aims at taking stock of the results achieved so far by “DocksTheFuture”. This project is designed to define the concept of the port of the future and the challenges it will have to face: process simplification and digitalization, reduction of emissions, the energy transition, city-port relations, and management of renewable energies. In particular, the conference aims at focusing on the main issues that will affect the design of European ports in the next 10 years, identifying key performance indicators (KPI), drawing a coherent “Port of the Future Road Map” and a network of ports working within the synergy dubbed “Port of the Future Network of Excellence”.

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